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NCLRC. National Capital Language Resource Center. Covers total arena of all FL study nationally; latest news, grants, professional training programs, etc. Free monthly newsletter. Check out the “Culture Club.” www.NCLRC.org.

- CAL. Center for Applied Linguistics. Just click on symbol for CAL on the NCLRC homepage.

-NANDUTI. Site is devoted to FL teachers of grades K-8. Valuable information, resources and lesson plans. While on the
CAL homepage, type in word Nanduti and press search.

ACTFL. American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages. THE national organization for FL professionals. Many language specific organizations hold their annual meetings during the ACTFL annual event. Specifically for Chinese teachers, this is where you will meet and connect with everyone in the field. ACTFL just launched a new magazine “Language Educator” in January. Coming later this Spring, they are launching a new site www.discoverlanguages.org. It will be a sustained public awareness campaign for the teaching of FL in the U.S. www.ACTFL.org.

NNELL. National Network for Early Language Learning. Another excellent site devoted to grades pre-K-8. Excellent links and resources. www.NNELL.org.

E.L. Easton Languages Online. Features links to language exercises, cultural resources and other language sites.
Foreign Language Teaching Forum. Features a collection of Web resources for FL teachers.
Internet Activities for FL. Features lesson plans created by the California FL Project and the CLTA.www.clta.net/lessons/


Language and Children…Making the Match. Helena Curtain and Carole Ann Dahlberg. considered “the bible” by language professionals. Third edition is best. Available on Amazon.com.

The Standards for Teaching Languages in the 21 st Century. Produced by ACTFL. Currently not available. Revised book will be available later this year on the ACTFL site. Contains programs, lesson plans, assessment tools, etc for the first national standards established for the U.S.

Sailing the 5 C’s with Learning Strategies. Reinforces the “Standards” with learning guidelines. Can be downloaded from www.nclrc.org.

The Elementary Immersion Learning Strategies Resource Guide. Ditto above. Also available at www.nclrc.org.

Teaching Foreign Language K-12 Assessment Program. Produced by Annenberg/CPB. Excellent tool for teachers. Thirty hours assessing FL study across the U.S. There is also an 8 hour workshop series. WLA has a complete set of the series and would like to offer to groups of schools and create our own workshops. Includes a library guide complete with additional resources.www.learner.org


CONCORDIA Language Villages. Summer programs in Minnesota for children beginning at age 7. Also offers programs abroad. Considered the best program available in the U.S. for elementary age children. Complete immersion in an environment replicating the culture of language being studied. www.concordialanguagevillages.com.


CLASS. Chinese Language Association for Secondary and Elementary Schools. CLASS is the national organization for the pre-collegiate level. Includes all news/events going on nationally in the field of Chinese study. We are developing a local Miami chapter of CLASS. Cost is $30.00 per annum. Includes newsletters, etc. www.classk12.org.

CLTA. Chinese Language Teachers Association. Collegiate level national organization. Works closely with CLASS.www.clta.osu.edu.

The Asia Society. Wonderful resource for the advancement of asian languages. They are releasing a guide to Mandarin teaching next month. Look in resources below. www.asiasociety.org.

NCLCTL. National Council for Less Commonly Taught Languages. www.councilnet.org.

HAN BAN. The foreign language arm of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Han Ban is currently developing programs via its “Confucius Institutes” to promote language and cultural understanding worldwide. There are 10 cities being selected in the U.S. english.hanban.edu.cn.

Langnet. Language learning support system with interactive materials.www.langnet.org.

FIU. The Asian Institue at FIU has recently launched a blog for the exchange of information between our schools. asian.fiu.edu


NFLC Guide for Basic Chinese Language Programs. National Foreign Language Center. Ohio State University.
Phone: 614-292-3838

Establishing High Quality Chinese Programs: An Introductory Guide. Guide will be available next month. Program underwritten by the College Board and produced by The Asia Society. Register now at www.asiasociety.org and they will alert you when you can download it.

Understanding the Learning and Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language: New Empirical Research. Available in 2007. CLTA is currently accepting submissions nationwide for this publication. For more information visit the CLTA site or contact Mien-hwa Chiang. mhchiang@sas.upenn.edu.

Ask Asia. Features K-12 resources on the study of Asian societies.www.askasia.org


BETTER CHINESE. Program specifically developed for both the young learner and the non-Chinese student. A multimedia approach to learning through stories, festivals, and games. Program starts at preK level and is now being expanded through high school. The high school program will first be available in April 2006. The Cushman School has been using this program and it has been well received. School discounts are available, so contact them if you are making a bulk purchase. Contact usasupport@betterchinese.com for more information or with any questions. You can sign up on-line for an free trial of the online curriculum and view and purchase all the products on the website. www.betterchinese.com Additionally, Better Chinese has introduced a website for teachers and parents. It covers everything from festivals to grammar. http://usa.betterchinese.com/pta05.htm

NI HAO Series by Shumang Fredlein and Paul Fredlein. Produced by China Soft in Brisbane, Australia. Books and CD’s.
Geared toward middle and high school students. Hal Nicholas used these books in the Lee County Program and ranks it high. www.chinasoft.com.au.

CHENGO. Just released last summer, CHENGO is the result of a joint effort by the U.S. Department of Education and the Chinese Ministry of Education. Chengo is an online game with books. www.elanguage.cn.

CHINESETIDE. Another new program, which has just completed a ten year international pilot program. The program has been developed by Tidetime Corporation in conjunction with the Beijing Language Institute. Contact Walter Stasyshyn
(416-642-2865). Toronto, Canada. www.chinesetide.com.


Asia for Kids. Books, CD’s, videos, dolls, etc. www.asiaforkids.com
Items we have used and can recommend are:
Young children—Follow Jade videos
Sing and Learn Mandarin— songbook with CD.
Elementary children—After School Chinese video series.

China Sprout. Same as above. www.chinasprout.com

Jim Becker’s non-public site. FABULOUS listing of all imaginable links covering topics from grammar to food and culture. Go to the NNELL site to resources. Click on Mary Levine’s resource listing. In there click on Jim’s site for Chinese and Japanese listings.. www.nnell.com.


U of PENN - Cick Here to download the document with the detailed information.

U of MINNESOTA/CARLA - State final program discription not yet available but will be posted later at www.carla.umn.edu/institutes/2006/schedule.html.

OHIO STATE U. - www.classk12.org

TEACHER TO TEACHER INITIATIVE www.ed.gov. Two summer mandarin workshops planned. See announcement of ACTFL home page. Will follow up with details.


SUENOS DE COLORES---Author, teacher, school founder, editor of early language learning for the NNELL publications is Ana Lomba. We had Ana in Miami last year leading a workshop for Spanish teachers from various schools. She is a great resource. Her website is full of information and good link connections. www.suenosdecolores.com. Ana's storybooks come with CD's and are designed for parents to read with their children. Books are available on Amazon.com


Mui Bien- Cick Here to download the document with the detailed information.

Mary Levine’s FL Lesson Plans and Resources is amazing! Go to the NNELL site to resources. You will connect from there. www.nnell.com.

Jim Becker's site. Inside of Mary Levine’s listing you will see Jim Becker’s vast listings. www.nnell.com.

Anacleta’s Spanish and World Language site. Connect through Ana Lomba’s site-resources. www.suenosdecolores.com.

Learn Spanish. Resources and web links for learning Spanish.www.lingolex.com/spanish.htm
REACH. Resouce related to the Spanish language and to Hispanic cultures in th U.S. and in other Spanish-speaking nations.

Picture Dictionary
. An online, multilingual picture dictionary designed for language learners of all ages.www.pdictionary.com

Santillana. International program with a strong following in Spain and Latin America. Program range is preK-12. A vast offering of colorful and age-appropriate materials, books and CD's. Sorry, no DVD's available at this time. A new program for middle and upper grades is currently in development. Additionally, online resources "for teachers and parents" are available including FREE downloadable activities for your students. Company also offers assistance in grant writing at no charge and is located in Miami, Fla. www.santillanausa.com.


CAMP N---Eight year old, award winning summer immersion camp held at the U of M. Contact Merida Talavera or Betty Coscullela at 305-669-6776. Children 4-10 years. www.campn.net.

QUIJOTE ACADEMY---…”a program for children designed to build Spanish literacy and cultural competencies that will lay the groundwork for truly functional bilingual education throughout the children’s lives." Contact Alicia Becker (ab@alicias.tv) Children 2-8 years. www.quijoteacademy.com.

Travel Bug. Expertise in Argentina and Spain. Organizes trips for students. Offers annual trips for teaching professionals interested in locating a sister-school. Offices in Miami and Tallahassee Contact Janice Patterson at info@travelbugflorida.com